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Introduction to the deepness of the transport protocols…


The internet also needs to be measured to know how is evolving and performing, also one of the main reasons of internet monitoring is to have some kind of data to know its performance and how can be improved. All this data is collected and interpreted by professionals to know where and how the improvements should take place. Internet performance can also be simulated according to the parameters and data entered by the IT engineers, this helps to see and test different kinds of actions that the internet should perform.

Internet is also monitored by special computers and servers, this monitoring is a very important task in order to be able to forecast the internet performance and possible problems that might appear in the future.

All this data is stored in so called packet traces that can be used for many different purposes like the interpretation for the status and the resources of the network that is a very important part for traffic engineering and the dimension of the network.

The internet is based on data, all what we see in our screens is data it does not matter if are images, videos, numbers, etc…The more people that use the internet the bigger the network gets, the internet is growing at the speed of light, just imagine that in December 1995 the internet had 16 millions users and by 2014 there is an estimate of 2930 millions of users, that is 40% of the world population.

The grow of the internet will not stop, in fact that will be a catastrophe in todays world where all is done via internet, the goal is to continue and promote the development of the internet in order to make things easier.


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